Smart Building

New Generation Smart Building Technologies

Smart buildings are fully connected with the IoT (Internet of things) sensors and smart software solutions in order to record and analyze data. With this data, organization prevent building and facility downtime, reduce costs and improve safety and sustainability.

Sorbus IT improves building and facilities security and efficiency with own internet of things and artificial intelligence solutions. Managers can controls all operations, security systems and energy management in one point and checks all historical data to make strategic decisions.

Smart Building Solutions

Enterprise Asset Management
Track all assets, equipments , inventory, maintenance works and financial histories in one platform

Facility Management Softwares
move your facility management operations to cloud and control in real-time and track all works and workers

Building Security Solutions
Video surveillance, drone solutions, card access, fire&gas alarm ve masss notification systems

Energy Management Solutions
Connect energy assets to make smarter decisions about energy distribution and prevent unnecessary energy consumption

Smart Hvac Solutions
Control temperatures remotely, view energy usage and schedule working process.

Smart Lightning Solutions
Management lighting software that gives you total control of sensors and luminaries to maximize energize efficiency.

Smart Space Solutions
People counting, detailed heat map analysis and gender&age recognition to get detailed customer report

Building Automation Systems
Connects HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems-enabling them to communicate on a single platform