About Us

Sorbus IT

Sorbus IT is a technology company that provides software, consulting and engineering services in line with the needs of corporations and in compliance with international standards. Sorbus IT provides smart buildings and smart cities solutions. By establishing the right information technology ecosystem with strong international business partnerships, it provides end-to-end solutions and services to corporations.

Mission & Vision

Based on industry 4.0 and digital transformation, Sorbus IT offers smart solutions for the future and strives to increase business productivity with its strong engineering infrastructure. Adopting continuous development as a principle, Sorbus IT keeps up with the rapidly developing technology and makes use of its facilities to provide corporations with technology solutions to help them take a step forward in the competitive environment.

Sorbus IT maintains its rapid growth and carries out value-added projects that contribute to the entrenchment and improvement of Turkey's position in the global market within the field of IT projects. With its professional team and strong organization, it will continue to improve in developing and leading pioneering information technology projects, which has focused on since the day Sorbus IT was founded.

R&D Co-operation

University-industry collaboration is a partnering method in which trained manpower in the universities and industrial opportunities come together to carry out R&D tasks and mutually beneficial activities. Through this way of working, universities benefit from industrial experience, industry makes use of rich human capital and R&D potential, inherent in the universities.

The development of technology out of scientific knowledge, dissemination of information, improving the quality and reliability of the products, increasing product variety, to meet customer needs on time even managing these requirements see a benefit from this business model.