Digital Transformation


What helps firms to become successful with digitalization is choosing the right software and consulting services they provide. These companies gain insight into the consulting they receive and follow the processes and projects regularly. These advantages lead to the success of the institutions step by step. Sorbus IT provides consulting services in a variety of fields; ranging from installation processes to software development processes, from project planning to infrastructure services.

Project Management

Project development is the planning, organizing, coordination, and control of resources to achieve specific objectives. Each year, companies invest hundreds of dollars in large IT projects to get strategic initiatives or improve their aging systems, but they can not get the promised benefits. In order for the project process to proceed in a healthy way, this process should be followed well by the companies and the forecasts of conditions such as quality, cost, time management and risk management should be extended.

Innovation Solutions

Technological Innovation has been a worldwide social change pioneer since the late 1700's, serving as a gathering of science and technology developments. This social transformation, which is developing rapidly in today's world, requires firms to develop more innovative thinking in the name of strengthening their place in the business world and to be involved in this innovative process. Sorbus IT develops innovative products, solutions, and services, along with our customers and our international partners, who are living in their corporate life. We believe that providing reliable, innovative solutions is the only way to please our valued customers.


The first step to ensure success in your projects is through the right training. Sorbus IT plans training programs for institutions, especially public institutions and organizations and other large-scale organizations, with training on the use, planning, structuring and management of the latest information technologies. We organize training organizations that will enable businesses to work efficiently and motivated by the experience we have in different sectors.