Data & Analytics

As Sorbus IT, we support each small/large sized business determine the right strategies for collecting, using and protecting data about their business. Our expert team will help you in storing, analyzing and testing the data. In this way; the development of the company's products, the growth of business and the direction of operations is provided.

Big Data Strategy

Our software engineers and experts will help you assess your current capacity. We will bring you further with a strategy for revealing the true value of Big Data for your business goals.

Data management

The quality of the data is important to everything. We make sure that all the data in your hand is complete. We make our own policies to protect management and quality controls so that these data standards are appropriate.

Data Mining and Gathering

We help you to integrate the diversity of big data sources on a holistic map, so your organization can find the right answers without missing critical details.

Big Data Integration

To deliver a real-time, complete view of your data assets; we link data, systems, and processes across your IT ecosystem and consolidate them on a single platform.

Customer Master Data Management

A solution that your customers have together to achieve a satisfying customer experience is the best. For that, we enable customer master data management in your enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP and provide the right solution for you.

Big Data Analytics:

With our advanced Business Intelligence expertise, we transform large numbers of unstructured data into improved, visualized, customizable reports with controllable interactive control panels for non-tech users.