About Us

Sorbus IT Solutions provides software, consultancy, and digital solution services according to the needs of the companies by determining trends in the field of technology. By defining the architecture and workflows required by the digitalizing world, it develops systems and applications that will add value to institutions. Starting from Industry 4.0 and digital transformation dynamics, Sorbus is delivering intelligent solutions for the future, working to increase business efficiency with strong experiences.

In addition to providing cost-effective standard solutions to customers with its strong engineering infrastructure providing a competitive advantage, Sorbus IT Solutions also provides the opportunity to customize the software in line with project requirements. Sorbus, which adopts customer satisfaction and continuous development as its principle, follows the fast developing technology and offers solutions that are internationally valid for the institutions to take a step forward in the competitive environment by taking advantage of their opportunities.

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R&D Co-operation

University-industry collaboration is a partnering method in which trained manpower in the universities and industrial opportunities come together to carry out R&D tasks and mutually beneficial activities. Through this way of working, universities benefit from industrial experience, industry makes use of rich human capital and R&D potential, inherent in the universities. The development of technology out of scientific knowledge, dissemination of information, improving the quality and reliability of the products, increasing product variety, to meet customer needs on time even managing these requirements see a benefit from this business model.